Nov 27

Sun '16

It’s my due date today

Well everyone, it’s my due date today. I honestly will admit that I didn’t think I would see this day and still be pregnant. I wish I hadn’t had any kind of early expectations for my labour because as much as I am trying not to be disappointed, I am. Ezri came an entire week early and I thought there would be no way I’d go later with a second child. Oh how wrong I was with that line of thinking. Heck, this baby may choose to stay inside for another week or two. Sigh. Oh well, Really I just want it to come out healthy and happy.

I am officially on maternity leave. Well actually I have been for over 2 weeks. Again, I was convinced I’d deliver early so I stopped working prematurely. I have felt a little bit useless because physically I feel as if I could still be working. Sure I am a little tired, but an extra 2 weeks of cash would have been nice.

After pondering for a bit, I have a pretty good assumption of why I haven’t had the baby yet. When I was pregnant with Ezri, I was working 5 days a week, on my feet for 7 hours a day. I was moving SO much and my body was better prepared and ready to pop that baby out early. This time I’ve been sitting around more often than not. Sure, we get out and go for walks, but it’s nothing like what I was doing the first time around.

If we get pregnant again, I will definitely not make any assumptions about when I will deliver. It just goes to show how different every single pregnancy and baby are! However, I know that this baby will come when it’s ready and I will be overjoyed when it does!!!

Last month we took some adorable maternity photos. I honestly LOVE every single one of them. Ezri behaved fairly well and they turned out great. I am going to link a few below, but you can view the entire album here.

Maternity baby #2 Maternity baby #2 Maternity baby #2 Maternity baby #2

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