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Letter to Jadzia: 2 months old

Jadzia 2 months old

Baby girl Jadzia,

You are developing your little personality and it’s too adorable for words. You are smiling quite often, especially when someone talks to you. You’ve started to coo a lot too. I feel like we can have a little conversation because I ask you something and you make an adorable noise right back at me. My heart just melts.

You are growing so quickly. You are already sized out of newborn diapers because you’re little thighs are super rolly polly. Every time I change you, I just want to take a big bite out of them. We’ve put your newborn sleepers away too because you’re too tall for them. You are wearing 0-3 month or 3 month sleepers now. Some outfits are still too big, though. I’m not sure exactly how much you weigh, but you’re growing well.

You’re holding your head up pretty well. Sometimes it’s a bit wobbly but you’ve basically got the hang of it. You do really well during tummy time, even if you don’t like it very much.

The car seat is one of your favourite places to sleep. You sleep very well in it. I hope know we aren’t supposed to let you sleep in it, but it does happen sometimes. You are usually an angel anytime we are out and about because you love to sleep in it. Makes going out very easy, so far. As for night times, you still wake up quite a bit. You have gone for a couple 5 hour stretches and one 6 hour stretch. The usual is 3-4 for your longest stretch and then a few 2 hour stretches. I’m still hoping you’ll keep getting better. You’re usually attached to me from 7pm-930pm and then I can finally lay you down and you stay asleep. You just love to be held and cuddled as you go down for sleep.

You are starting to become interested in toys, a little bit. You haven’t started to grab for them or anything, but if a rattle is shaken above you, you can’t take your eyes off of it.

We had our final midwife appointment this month. You were given a great bill of health and sent on your way to keep growing. It will be sad not to visit with the midwives anymore but it’s time to move onto the next chapter of your journey.

You’ve been coming to the YMCA to watch your sister swim. You’ve slept through a couple lessons and been awake for a bit too. Your grandma and great grandma take care of you while I’m in the pool with your sister. I’m hoping to be able to take you swimming too when you’re a bit older!

You still hate to take a soother or a bottle. I think it’s because you just have a hard time getting a sealed suck on them. If you do get a seal, you are satisfied for a bit. However, it is usually quite the struggle to get that coveted seal. We will keep practicing and you’ll get it one day. I’m sure you’ll love the soother!!

We took you to the zoo for the first time, but you slept through most of it. You awoke for a bit, had a little bite to eat and then fell asleep again.

You are becoming so much more content to just lay on a blanket and look around at the world around you. You don’t always have to be held anymore. Soon you’ll be exploring and rolling over and all those fun things.

I look forward to what comes in the next month! I love you so much!

Love your mommy.

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