Feb 23

Thu '17

Car seat cover

Just finished a new crochet project. It took me a few weeks because life is so crazy with a toddler and a newborn!

Crochet car seat cover

I decided to try my hand at a car seat cover! I have wanted to try out some “Caron Cakes” yarn for awhile and I thought this was the perfect project for it. The colours are wild and bright, but I have to say that I won’t buy it again. I may buy another colour of cake but not this particular one (it’s called rainbow sprinkles). Reason being is that the colours seem to have bled everywhere and there are messy colour marks everywhere. Apparently this was intentional though and I didn’t know that. They are the “sprinkles” of the cake. Anyway, I think the colour makes look messy and not very pretty.

Crochet car seat cover Crochet car seat cover

I used this pattern to make the cover. I admit that I was a little confused on the directions for the corners of the border stitches but it still ended up looking okay. They’re a little wonky but I don’t care. The finished product does what I want it to do!!

I have a few more projects on the go right now. Every one of them will take quite awhile so I am slowly plugging away. The good thing is each project can be done in pieces so I’m working on a little from each one intermittently. Of course they will take me forever as I don’t have a lot of crocheting time. I’m still trying to enjoy every minute I can with a hook!

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One Response to “Car seat cover”

  • Joy
    March 13, 2017 @ 9:49 am

    Holy smokes! This is so cute! I’m sorry you had a bleeding problem with yarn. I like caron cakes too but I noticed a little of the same problem when I made my blue shawl.

    I still love the result of this cover, though. And I love that its handmade!

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