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Letter to Jadzia: 7 months old

Jadzia 7 months old

My dearest Jadzia,

You are 7 months old!! Wow! My little baby is turning into such a big girl and I can hardly stand it. I am enjoying every single second of your smiley little face!

You had your 6 month immunizations this month and luckily it was only one needle. You cried for a minute and were happy once again. You measured in the 10th percentile for height but you were slightly below the curve for weight. I’m not worried though because you eat well and I know you’re growing fine because of your adorable rolls everywhere. Plus, your sister was below the curve too and she turned out just fine. You get to visit with a dietitian anyway, but it’s nothing to worry about. The doctor was not worried at your 6th month appointment either.

You’ve finally decided to roll from your back to your tummy this month! Now you like to roll all over the living room and reach for any toy or object you can find. We have to make sure to close the gates so that you don’t fall down the 2 steps out of the living room. You still don’t like to be on your tummy too much though and so you tend to roll in circles to get back to your back. I like to spread toys around the room just to see where you’ll end up next!

Solid feeding is going pretty well. We’ve given you a ton of different purses and you’ve also had some bigger chunks of banana, chicken, bread, peas and corn. You even managed to get into your sister’s snack bowl and ate a couple popcorn twists! You little monkey! It’s great to see you interested in food! You’re very aware of when we are eating and you do try to grab whatever we have. I hope to expand your textures soon!

You went swimming for the first (and second) time this month. We went to a local swimming pool with some friends and just played around in the pool. The first time you went into the water, you were not very happy. The water was a bit cooler than you were are to. We had to wake you up from your nap to take you in, so you might have been a little hungry after sleep. The second time we went was much better and you enjoyed the water a lot more. You even played with some balls and rings!

Your Daddy got to put you to bed alone for the very first time this month. I went out with your Grandma to a play and left you with Daddy. He said you cried for a little while but then realized you were too tired to worry and fell asleep. Great job!

Speaking of sleep, you are definitely getting better. It’s easier for you to initially fall asleep and you are not waking up as many times just to whine. That means longer stretches of sleep! You’re average long stretch is 6-7 hours, which is just wonderful! When you wake up in the morning, you like to lay in your crib and talk and coo to yourself. I can often hear you through the walls and it is the best sound to wake up to! Now that you can roll over, you’ve started sleeping on your tummy. It’s not every time you sleep, but it is definitely becoming more of a regular thing.

We are working at getting you to sit up on your bum to play. You love rolling and being on your back, so the sitting thing isn’t as interesting to you. You will sit for a couple minutes but then you fall over. We are most often there to catch you when you fall, but if we miss, you are not usually upset about it. You just keep playing with whatever toy has your interest. Good thing we have carpet to soften the blow!

Honestly I can’t believe how fast the months are flying by. I love seeing you grow and enjoy everything around you. You are so loved!

Love your Mommy

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