Aug 9

Wed '17

Looking for a preschool

So Peter and I have been searching around for preschools for Ezri. We think it’s about time that she go off and interact with other children and adults on a regular basis. We are looking at her going two days a week for 3 hours in the morning. She has always been at home with me, Peter or my Mom. Although we take her out to play with our friends and their kids, one of us is always with her. We don’t want her to be afraid of other adults and children, so it’s about time for her to have a bit more independence. We are hoping she can start in September. It will also allow me some one on one time with Jadzia. We are hoping to sign Jadzia up for her first swimming lessons on a day Ezri is at preschool as well. I have my final tour tomorrow and then we will make a decision on where to send her.

I have a friend who started her maternity leave in June and so we’ve been getting together quite a bit to let our kids play together and spend their energy. Ezri gets along so well with her (almost) 5 year old. Although the babies are too young to play together, it’s good to know that one day they will be able to!

I’m still busy crocheting away for my new Etsy shop, Baby Love Crochet Props. I’ve made 4 sales already. I’m still trying to promote and extend my social media reach. It’s been fun thinking of new designs to add. Does anyone have any suggestions for cute little outfits for a newborn that I haven’t created already?

Here are some recent shots of my babies for some cuteness overload!

Smiley girl Ezri at the Calgary Corn Maze Ezri and Jadzia Sisterly love Jadzia Beach day at Sicome Lake A girl and her duck Ezri

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