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Letter to Jadzia: 9 months old

Jadzia 9 months old

So you are in your last month of single digits! You’ve officially been on the outside as long as you were inside my tummy. You are growing up so fast and I am enjoying every single minute with you!

You learned to crawl this month! Yay. You started by going on your stomach and pulling yourself around on your belly. There were so many objects around you that you wanted to play with and put in your mouth that you just had to get mobile somehow. After a couple weeks of that, you finally started getting up and moving. Although, it’s hard to call what you do crawling. You move with your hands on the ground and then one foot is also on the ground and your other leg just gets dragged along for the ride. It helps stabilize you, I suppose, so it’s not entirely useless. Oh well, you get around everywhere now and that’s what matters! We always have to close the baby gates so you don’t fall down the stairs. You already slid down the two steps from living room to kitchen on your tummy and you were not happy about it! It’s so fun to be able to see you move where you want to go. You get so excited that you often fall down and lose balance, but it doesn’t discourage you.

I think you will be standing soon too! You’ve gotten yourself up a couple times by grabbing ahold of various large objects, but haven’t managed to stay up long. Your little legs are getting stronger each time you do it. We brought out the push walker, but honestly, your sister is having more fun with it than you! Lol

We weighed you and you were 14lbs right on the dot. I think that is small for your age group, but you eat SO MUCH and we know you are just growing at your own pace. Did I mention, you love to eat? Anything we put in front of you is gone (or on the floor) in seconds. You are very good with managing to get bigger chunks of food processed in your mouth. We sometimes give you pureed food and you don’t mind that either. It is an absolute pleasure to feed you. You are getting very good at hand to mouth coordination! More food is actually getting into your mouth than on the floor. You like to feed yourself the best, although you will also take a spoon from us anytime. You always stuff your entire hand into your mouth to make sure you get every piece of food from your fist. Also, you still “mmmmm” with every meal. Hehehe it’s so funny.

You’ve started taking nightly baths with your sister. We used to bathe you two separately, but now that you can sit up and want to play with toys, we decided it was time to share a bath! You both love it so much. You play with all the toys and splash the water. Your sister loves to wash you with the cloth, just the way that your Daddy and I do. She even helps rub the shampoo in your hair. You don’t mind it at all!

You are a lot more verbal these days. You love to make all sorts of sounds come out of your mouth. You also love to clap your hands! Sometimes you will do it on request when we say “clappy hands,” but other times it’s just random. You are becoming a little bit of a mimic too. If we smack our lips at you, you smack your lips right back. You also smack your lips at anyone who is eating and hasn’t shared with you. It’s too cute and you sure know how to get your point across!

I’ve been trying to get out and about more often and you’ve been to quite a few places this month. We went to Heritage Park and you enjoyed your first steam train ride. We also went on adventures to the zoo, 3 different malls, the farmer’s market, the Calgary Corn Maze, the splash park and I am sure there were a couple more fun and exciting places! You sleep for some of the time and when you’re awake, you love to just look around and take in everything around you.

Your Auntie and Uncle from Ontario came to meet you! I think that you enjoyed meeting them, but Mommy had to be near by. You still don’t do too well with strangers at first and your little lip usually comes out as the tears start. Stranger danger is silly because Mommy will never leave you, don’t worry. I hope you will get used to having others hold and play with you soon.

Sleep is the same as it has been the past few months. You wake up anywhere from 2-4 times a night (between the hours of 7:30am-7:30pm). You cry SO loud that we don’t even have the volume up on the monitor anymore. We can hear you through the walls just fine. You won’t let anyone but Mommy calm you down either. I hope that you can soon let your Daddy soothe you because Mama needs her sleep too!

I can’t wait to see what you surprise me with in the upcoming month!!

Love you forever and ever


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