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Ezri update

I’ve been wanting to write an Ezri update for awhile now. She’s getting so big and I can hardly stand it. She is definitely deep into her twos with her own little mind and opinions.


I am proud to announce that she is potty trained and has been for almost 2 months! For now, she is only trained during the day as she still has to wear diapers at nap and nighttime. I am so proud at how well she’s done with it. We started in April getting her used to going on the potty. She had a lot of naked days where she ran around the house without pants or diaper. We used pull ups for a bit, but found that if the diaper was there, she would choose to go in it more often than not. When we fully switched to panties, that was it and she was trained. There have been a couple accidents, but nothing too crazy. So proud!


Ezri started preschool on September 1st! Ahhh. My baby is getting so big :heart: She goes for 3 hours in the mornings on Mondays and Fridays. When I drop her off, it’s been pretty terrible. She cries and screams and they literally have to rip her out of my arms. It pulls at my heart strings so much, but I know that she will get used to it and that it’s for the better in the end. I am glad we are doing this now instead of waiting until she’s 5and has to go to kindergarten. When I go to pick her up, she’s in good spirits. She talks about what she did and that she played with her friends and played outside. So it’s good to know that she enjoys herself (after the initial freak out), at least! To tell the truth, this past a Monday was much better than it has been for drop off. She whined a tiny bit before we got in the car to go to preschool, but she didn’t cry when we got there! Yay! Go Ezri.


She’s talking up a storm. She’s a little mimic and can repeat what almost anyone says around her. Sadly, this can include swear words (ooops!!!). She loves to sing and sings along to all her favourite Disney movies. She hears and takes in everything. Peter and I have begun to spell things out because she knows what we are talking about. She amazes me how much information she can retain now! She remembers things that happened days or weeks ago. She connects her surroundings to memories that she has. She even knows what direction we are going while we are driving and what stores are nearby.


She LOVES construction vehicles and we regularly drive through construction zones so she can see all the machines and vehicles working. She was introduced to her love of them because she loves watching a TV show on Netflix called Dino-Trux (dinosaurs that are construction vehicles). So she refers to all the machinery as Dino-Trux and also by their character names. It’s simply adorable to see her get so excited to see dirt being moved around LOL! She loves dinosaurs as well so the two things together makes her crazy excited! Of course she also loves princesses (especially Ariel) and anything Disney. I just love that she appreciates all sorts of things.


It’s so exciting to get to see this little girl grow and thrive. She is my favourite oldest daughter, hands down!!

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One Response to “Ezri update”

  • Kim
    September 21, 2017 @ 6:01 am

    Wow, she’s getting so big now. Well done on the potting training and I cant believe she’s started preschool already, having followed your blog for a while! My friends brother just turned 18 and I remember him being born and her mum being pregnant with him, makes me feel old lol.

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