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Letter to Jadzia: 10 months old

Jadzia 10 months old

My baby Jadzia,

Are you actually double digits now? Ten months old and growing up so fast.

Oh Jadzia, you make me smile so much. I love just watching you explore all that is around you. You crawl all over the place and you get to where you’re going so fast. It’s so cute that you come when called (especially when we say the word supper). You also love to crawl so quickly to your Daddy when he gets home from work. Sometimes you get so excited while you’re on the move that you lose balance and face plant. It doesn’t stop you though. You get right back up and keep on going.

Your new favourite position is standing. You have mastered pulling yourself up and holding onto something while you’re on your feet. You haven’t quite figured out how to move around yet while standing. You also can’t let go yet and continue standing. There is a whole new world of things to see and each now that you can stand up. Time for more exploring, I think!

We started your first swimming lessons this month. We’ve only had two lessons so far and unfortunately you aren’t too keen on them yet. You spent most of the first lesson whining unless I was holding you right up against me. I think you were a bit cold because your little lip quivered every so often. The second lesson you were okay with participating in the songs and skills but there was still some whining. I hope you continue to get used to the water and enjoy it soon!

We went to your first party this month. You did not like it much. You are not used to so many people in such a small space paying attention to you. You cried if anyone looked at you let alone touch you. Unless mommy was holding you, you were not okay. You didn’t even want to crawl around and explore. There was a kitty at the party too and you were somewhat fascinated, but also somewhat scared. You’ve never seen a cat before so you had no idea what it was. You cried when you saw it, but then you calmed down because mommy was holding you. Though you continued to keep a curious eye on it wherever it went within your view. It was too funny.

Stranger danger has kicked in full force. You do not like to be held by anyone except someone you know pretty well. It’s sad because I’d like to share your cute cuddles with everyone, but you won’t have any of it. That’s okay, I know it’s just a phase that will pass eventually.

I left you alone for the first time with Daddy to put you to bed all by himself. You cried for a little bit but eventually fell asleep! You didn’t drink much from the bottle beforehand. It really isn’t your favourite thing. You like to play with it more than drink from it.

Sleep is coming along. There was 1 night this month that you slept practically the whole night from 7:10pm-5:45am! I was so proud of you. I hope you continue to sleep like it’s your favourite thing!!

Food is your best friend forever. You eat and eat and eat! It’s wonderful. You eat whatever your Daddy and I are having. You also eat more than your sister does. You have tried so many new foods that I’ve lost track. You don’t really have a favourite food either because you will eat anything, except peaches. For some reason, you don’t seem to like peaches. I was so looking forward to getting a “sour face” video when you ate your first lemon, but instead you pulled away for a second and then just dove in for more. Hilarious girl. The nice person at the grocery store gave you your first cookie and I swear it was as big as your head. That didn’t stop you from trying to devour the whole thing (which I did not let you do!!).

You met Chef Lynn Crawford this month. She was promoting her new items at our local grocery store and so you and I stopped by to say hello and get a picture. She couldn’t stop admiring how cute you were. I agreed 100%! As suspected though, you did not like when she held you. Strangers = bad.

You were sick with another cold this month. I think it was your third or fourth time being sick. This time the whole household got sick along side you. There were a lot of runny noses around. You were so cranky and I wanted so badly to make it go away. Luckily your little immune system fought it off fairly quickly.

A very eventful month to say the least! I always look forward to what you’re going to surprise me with next!

Love you sweetie,

Your Mama

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