Nov 9

Thu '17

NaBloPoMo 2017: Day 9 – Feverish

Poor little Ezri woke up in the middle of the night last night with a fever and she was feverish all day today. She had a little bit of a runny nose as well, but there were no other symptoms. I gave her a bit of advil to help with the fever and I’m really hoping that it doesn’t turn into anything more serious. The poor little girl. It’s crazy to think how fast sickness can come on. She was absolutely fine yesterday and then BAM, complete 360. As expected, she was pretty cranky and lethargic today. She fell asleep within 2 minutes in my arms when I was cuddling her for nap time. She never falls asleep in my arms anymore and so I know she’s not feeling well when that happens. She was out like a light pretty fast at bed time too. At least I got lots of cuddles today.

Poor sick Ezri Poor sick Ezri

While putting Jadzia down for bed tonight, I thought she felt a little warm too. I sure hope I was imagining things because two little girls sick is not cool. My poor babies. I guess I’ll find out when Jadzia wakes for her first feed in a few hours. Keep your fingers crossed for a healthy baby and a toddler who feels better soon!

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