Nov 14

Tue '17

NaBloPoMo 2017: Day 14 – So many clothes

OMG do the girl’s ever have a lot of clothes!! TOO many for such young children. What does that mean for later in life?! Yikes. Anyway, I have spent the last 3 days going through the girl’s drawers/closets and taking out all the clothing that is too small. It’s been a job I have been putting off for months. It took me 3 days to do because naps have not been cooperating with me. Napping has been practically non-existent for Ezri because she’s been sick all week. You would think she would want to sleep when she’s sick, but she’s the opposite. Boo. Of course I haven’t been able to get the girls to nap at the same time of day either. Sigh. Oh well, it’s done now and I feel quite relieved.

I put everything in one big huge pile and then sorted from that. Our bedroom was a MESS yesterday. I really wish I took a picture because it was a scary sight. I had to keep moving things around so that we could actually use our bed to sleep hahaha. While sorting the clothing, I found many pieces that were size 0-3 months for Jadzia and 12-18 months for Ezri. Ooops, see, I told you I have been putting it off.

I also sorted out some pieces that I found that had been in the nursery closet since Ezri was a newborn. Therefore I decided to also make a pile to sell/donate. There are some things that I know I will never put on my kids. Leg warmers, for example, which I found 3 pairs of (still with tags on).

Oh it feels so good to clean and be organized. I really should do it more often and not wait so long in between purges!! So then it won’t be such a huge job.

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