Nov 21

Tue '17

NaBloPoMo 2017: Day 21 – To swim or not to swim

As it is nearing the end of November, Ezri is almost finished her fall swimming lessons. They started in September and will end mid-December. The lessons we are doing are parent and tot and so I am in the pool with her. I signed her up for these because they say they can be for ages 6 months to 5 years, We’ve done these lessons before and Ezri loved them. Well in the first few lessons, it became quite apparent that Ezri is ready for swimming lessons on her own with an instructor. As the weeks have gone on, she is increasing adamant that I not hold her and that she wanted to swim on her own. She doesn’t want to participate in the group songs and very rarely does her skills with me. She knows how to do all her skills, but just doesn’t want to do them when asked.

Last week, as there were only a few lessons left, I had actually decided not to take her anymore and just waste my money. However, my Mom convinced me to go anyway. So we went to the lesson today, but we did not really participate with the group. Ezri played at the side of the pool with the toys and flutter boards. As the group did their skills and songs, I asked Ezri if she waned to try to do them too and sometimes she will did some and sometimes she didn’t.

I feel better that we went, even if she didn’t really want to participate with me holding her. The fact that she was in the water and getting more and more comfortable on her own in the water was perfect. I hope to be able to send her to swimming lessons on her own soon. I think it’s so important to know how to swim and enjoy the water.

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