Nov 22

Wed '17

NaBloPoMo 2017: Day 22 – Dim Sum

My family and I went for Dim Sum today. We went to a local Chinese restaurant, Buffet Yangteze, which offers a delicious buffet and also some amazing dim sum offerings at lunch. I am not too adventurous, but I do have some of my favourite items that I always have to eat!

Pork dumplings, or Sui Mai as they are commonly known, are my favourite savory dim sum item. It’s ground pork and shrimp rolled in a ball and wrapped in a won ton wrapper. So simple and tasty!

Dim Sum: Pork Dumpling

I always try to have some Sticky Rice as well. The rice is super sticky and mixed with ground meat and chinese sausage, which is then all wrapped in a lotus leaf.

Dim Sum: Sticky Rice Dim Sum: Sticky Rice (inside)

Another item that is a must to eat at dim sum is a Shrimp dumpling, also known as Har Gow. Minced shrimp in a sticky, starchy dough.

Dim Sum: Shrimp Dumpling

Next is a Sesame Ball. It’s a deep fried sticky rice ball filled with red bean paste. These are on the sweeter side instead of savory. I LOVE the sesame balls that are filled with black sesame paste best, but these ones with red bean paste are pretty good too.

Dim Sum: Sesame Ball

And last but not least is my most coveted item, the infamous Egg Tart. I ALWAYS have to have one (or two or three). It’s a sweet egg custard in an amazingly flaky shell. As soon as I get to the buffet, these are the first things I go for because they go FAST!

Dim Sum: Egg Tart

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