Nov 27

Mon '17

NaBloPoMo 2017: Day 27 – Score

We scored big today! As we are trying to cut costs where we can, I decided to call our ISP today to cancel our TV cable. To be honest, we spend most of our time watching Netflix, so it really isn’t used that much in our house except for watching Disney Junior for the kidlets.

I was pleasantly surprised to talk with a representative who was very sympathetic to our situation. She put me on hold for a while and then came back and told us that we didn’t need to cancel our TV and that she could give us a better rate. Right now, we pay $30 for basic cable, but our representative was able to give us $20 off and then an extra $10 off as well. So now we basically get our TV for free! We only have to worry about paying for our internet.

I am so happy that I made the call. See, it really pays off to be a loyal customer! A nice relief. However, now I have to try and get through all my recordings on my PVR!! AH.

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