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Christmas 2017

We had a pretty uneventful Christmas this year (well last year, but you know what I mean), although it was still pretty exciting. This was the first year that Ezri actually knew what was going on. She knew who Santa was and what he does on Christmas eve and that if she was a good girl, she might receive presents. We spent Christmas Eve baking peanut butter cookies for Santa. Ezri helped me stir and mix the ingredients. She also helped drop the cookies on the cookie sheet and pressing them with a fork before baking. It was so cute and it made my heart so full.

Making cookies for Santa Making cookies for Santa Making cookies for Santa

Christmas morning was fun too. Ezri came down the stairs and got so excited seeing presents under the tree. She even fell down to her knees and smacked the floor with her arms saying, “I just can’t believe it, this is so so fun!” Then we went and checked to see if Santa ate the cookies and milk we left for him (which he did). The stockings were filled to the brim on the fireplace as well. It was a truly magical morning! It’s crazy how Santa knew exactly the kind of things that Ezri and Jadzia like. He is quite magical, isn’t he?! 😉 Santa was a bit more modest this year as he knows that funds are tight as Daddy still doesn’t have a job. But everyone was taken care of and that’s what was important. Ezri got a rocking sheep and she loves it. Jadzia loves it too and just can’t believe that she’s allowed to get on it too! My parents bought Ezri a Beauty & the Beast singing tea cart complete with Mrs Potts, Chip and Lumiere. It has definitely been a favourite. Heck, both girls love everything they received. Ezri even made sure to thank Santa for all the presents. Too cute.

Opening the stockings Presents Presents! Riding her sheep Riding her sister's sheep Christmas cheer
Christmas cheer

To tell the truth, I spent most of the day cooking and cleaning and getting ready for Christmas dinner. I stuffed and baked the turkey, baked a loaf of bread and some cheese buns and made mashed potatoes. My Grandma brought over sweet potatoes and my mom brought cheese corn, devilled brussels sprouts and califlower & broccoli “tater tots.” Everything was absolutely delicious. Of course we had to finish the meal off with pumpkin pie and freshly whipped cream. I was so stuffed, it was ridiculous. The leftovers the next day were just as good as ever too.

It was a nice low-key Christmas and so amazing to see such joy in the kid’s faces. To see the Christmas season through a child’s eyes is definitely one of life’s most precious gifts. I look forward to each year to come!

Christmas 2017

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