Mar 29

Tue '16

A great Easter weekend

We had a lovely Easter weekend this year! Holidays are so much more fun when there is a little person around. It’s the innocent joy that a child experiences that is so amazing. I was lucky enough to have a friend in town for the weekend and so she was happy to see Ezri’s excitement […]

Jan 9

Thu '14

Losing her

I have wanted to write this post for almost 2 years. I never have because I haven’t wanted to air my dirty laundry on this blog. Also writing it down makes it all so real. However, it has affected me so deeply that I simply need to share and get some advice. Please be prepared, […]

Jul 10

Wed '13

Happy 26th Birthday

I celebrated my 26th birthday today. It was a wonderful day. I went to the Calgary Stampede with my Mom and my friend. We spent the day shopping, eating and having a great time. The weather was beautiful with sunshine and blue skies. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. (You can see more photos […]

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