Oct 18

Fri '13

Time to party

My Mom and I are throwing a surprise 65th birthday party for my Dad tonight. Although his real birth date is not until January, we are having it now because his brother is in town from BC. So my Dad will never expect it because it is so far in advance. The only bad part […]

Oct 2

Wed '13

Edmonton Comic Expo 2013

Peter and I went to Edmonton’s Comic Expo on Saturday. That’s right, two expos in one year! We are some happy nerds. This was Edmonton’s second annual expo and so we just had to go and support them. It benefits everyone, after all. They get to make more money and we get to go to […]

Sep 13

Fri '13

Embriodery floss adventures

I have been busy for the past week organizing all the embroidery floss that I own. Sure, that may sound like the lamest thing in the world, but as a cross stitcher, I had an absolute blast doing it. I decided to start a new cross stitching project this week. I wanted to do one […]

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