Jun 21

Fri '13

Safe during the Flood

Sometimes I have been upset with where I live in Calgary. I used to complain that there was really only one way in and out of our community and on some days, it could really be a nightmare to get to where I wanted to go. However, today I am one grateful girl. As many […]

Apr 18

Thu '13

Running For Boston

I am so shocked at what happened at the Boston marathon on Monday. Those poor people, and their families, who were just out trying to have a good time. These runners had all trained for months, years even, and competed in many other races just to qualify for the Boston marathon. They had set out […]

Dec 16

Sun '12

Frozen Running

While my Uncle was in town last weekend, we managed to get 3 morning runs in. As I didn’t have to work right away on the day of the first run, we headed out at 7:30am. It wasn’t too cold and we only needed one jacket. We took it easy and only ran 6KM. On […]

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