Oct 18

Fri '13

Time to party

My Mom and I are throwing a surprise 65th birthday party for my Dad tonight. Although his real birth date is not until January, we are having it now because his brother is in town from BC. So my Dad will never expect it because it is so far in advance. The only bad part […]

Jul 10

Wed '13

Happy 26th Birthday

I celebrated my 26th birthday today. It was a wonderful day. I went to the Calgary Stampede with my Mom and my friend. We spent the day shopping, eating and having a great time. The weather was beautiful with sunshine and blue skies. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. (You can see more photos […]

Sep 6

Thu '12

Sugar Cookie Adventures

Next week I will be throwing a baby shower for my close friend who gave birth to her son on September 1st (our anniversary!). I wanted to make some cute onesie cookies as part of the party favour. I looked all over the web for recipes for sugar cookies and royal icing and finally found […]

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