Jan 1

Sun '12

365 Goal Complete

Happy New Year to everyone. Let’s hope 2012 brings us lots of happiness 😀 I am very proud of myself for completing one of my 2011 goals. Project 365 turned out to be a bigger undertaking than I thought, but the good news is that I succeeded. I am so happy to be done. Unfortunately, […]

Jan 13

Thu '11

New Hair

So I got my haircut. It is probably the first real haircut I have had in over 10 years. Once in a while I would get a trim, but nothing major. My hair has been the same for years and years. I was just getting so sick of it. Ick. Especially since I had lost […]

Jan 1

Sat '11

Project 365

So I decided to make another New Year’s resolution in addition to my other goals for 2011. I want to participate in Project 365, which is simple: take a different picture everyday. I am little bit worried because one: my camera is not very good and two: what if I run out of interesting things […]

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