Jul 22

Sun '12

Did that really just happen?!

Something totally out of the ordinary happened the other day. I was lounging in my new gravity chair in the backyard when I looked up and saw my neighbour in his yard. This is nothing new, our neighbours love being outside and tending to their garden. For some reason, I watched him for a minute. […]

Apr 2

Mon '12

Hunger Gamed out

So I went and saw the Hunger Games. It was not what I was hoping for. In fact, I was disappointed. Please don’t misunderstand me, the storyline was great and stayed fairly true to the books, but it was the cinematography that angered me. The camera was so shaky that it made me nauseous almost […]

Feb 27

Mon '12


Yesterday were the Academy Awards. Like every year, Mom and I watched them together and ate Easter chocolate. Yum. The awards themselves were good, I guess. None of the movies that were nominated were ones that I absolutely loved. Sure, The Help was a beautiful movie and The Artist was unique and creative. I liked […]

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