Jul 3

Tue '12

Canadian Goodies

I am happy to say that I have furthered my Canadian patriotism a little more this year. Or at least increased my collection of “Canada Stuff“. As Canada’s 145th birthday passed us by on July 1st, I had been scouring the stores throughout June for anything I could get my hands on that had a […]

Mar 27

Tue '12

Full week in Toronto

I am back home from Toronto. I had an awesome time. Of course, it was too short, but still great. The weather was AMAZING! I actually got a sunburn one day because it was 26C! That is very unusual for Toronto in March. I saw people outside gardening and one man was actually mowing his […]

Oct 12

Wed '11

Back Again

Here I am, back again. I have been very bad and lazy when it has come to blogging. I think of blog posts in my head, but never get around to actually typing them down. Maybe if I get the new iPhone 4S, I can use Siri to write out my blog posts for me. […]

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