Sep 16

Fri '11

Viva Las Vegas

Guess what? I have finally made it and am in Las Vegas! It is such an amazing city so far and so hot. We arrived early this morning and have lazed around the hotel all day. We are staying at The Palms tonight, which is located off the strip. It’s a very famous hotel as […]

Jun 5

Sun '11

Sunny Day

Today was a wonderful day. It was partly lazy, partly eventful and all around great. It is so unusual for me to have a Sunday off and I took advantage of it. First of all the reason I had today off was because my manager forgot to put me on the schedule. He apologized profusely […]

May 16

Mon '11


I got my first sunburn of the year on Saturday! And I didn’t even notice until later in the day. I went for a run with “my new trainer” and didn’t bring sunscreen or a hat. It’s not a bad burn at all. It just shows the line where my sweat band was on my […]

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