Jun 14

Sat '14

The goings on

Nothing too exciting has been happening in life lately except I’ve been so busy to even think. I had the opening shifts at work for a couple weeks so that meant really early mornings, therefore early nights. Peter was working like a dog as well, so we barely saw each other for 2 weeks. It […]

Aug 13

Mon '12

New Responsive Theme

I’ve been working on this new theme and I thought it was time to finally make it live. I’m trying to stay current with web design trends and I am learning responsive design. It’s pretty straight forward to start, but designing for so many mobile devices gets a little tricky. I’m only just beginning to […]

May 22

Tue '12

Portfolio Overhaul

For the past couple weeks, I have been working on an overhaul of my portfolio and I finally launched the site today. Some of the major changes included the design of a new logo and removal of the updates blog. I never really had anything interesting to say regarding the portfolio, so I am sure […]

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