Nov 29

Wed '17

NaBloPoMo 2017: Day 29 – A visit with Santa

I took the girls to visit Santa Claus at the mall today. I am totally thrilled with the picture we got! For the past few years, Ezri has screamed and cried while meeting Santa. So throughout this past year, I have been telling Ezri that Santa is a nice guy and that he brings presents and joy at Christmas time, but only if she was a good girl. I did everything I could this year to put him in a good light. As much as I love the screaming child photos, I really don’t want Ezri to be afraid of Santa her whole life.

Anyway, today we had success!! Ezri was excited to see Santa. She ran up and gave him a hug and she willingly sat on his lap. When he asked her what she wanted for Christmas, she said “presents please.” Ah, I am so proud.

Jadzia’s reaction was totally expected because that is what she does every time anyone she doesn’t know holds her. Sigh, we still have a few years of screaming photos ahead of us with her LOL.

Santa visit 2017

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Nov 28

Tue '17

Letter to Jadzia: 12 months old

Jadzia 12 months old

Dear Jadzia,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear sweet baby!!

Oh my goodness, you are ONE YEAR OLD today!! AH, this past year has been simply amazing and I will treasure all my memories forever and ever. You have brought so much joy to our lives and I know your sister is so grateful that she has you to play with.

You LOVE to stand so much. You spend a lot of your time just standing and looking around or sucking on your toys. Because you like to stand so much, you took your first steps this month! You are not walking quite yet though. You usually take one or two steps before stopping or falling down, but your record is 5 steps in a row. It’s so adorable to see you learning your balance. I am sure you will be walking soon, but for now, you are my super fast crawling baby.

Unfortunately, you are sick as a dog right now. You have a terrible cough, runny nose and tiny fever. Your sister has been sick for the past few weeks as well, so it was bound to catch up with you. Also, we had relatives staying with us last week and they were also sick. I am sorry that you have to spend your birthday so miserable, but I am hoping your little immune system will bounce you back nice and fast.

You had your very first cupcake with cream cheese icing and you almost ate the whole thing. At first you only picked the icing off, but then I showed you that you could pick up the cake and that was when you really dove into it. You loved taking all the tissue paper out of your gift bags and then ripping them to shreds. So adorable.

You met Princess Ariel at your sister’s birthday party and you did not like her very much. I weren’t surprised because you still play shy with almost everyone. You just like to be with someone you know. I understand it, but I hope you don’t make strange as much anymore. You also went to Disney On Ice with your Grandma, sister and I. You LOVED it. Your feet were kicking so much. When you were sitting on our knees, you were bouncing along to the music and fun. The colours and characters were so captivating.

I can’t wait to see what the next year brings and how much you continue to learn and grow. You will forever by my baby. I love you so much muffin tart.

Love you forever and ever,

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Nov 27

Mon '17

NaBloPoMo 2017: Day 27 – Score

We scored big today! As we are trying to cut costs where we can, I decided to call our ISP today to cancel our TV cable. To be honest, we spend most of our time watching Netflix, so it really isn’t used that much in our house except for watching Disney Junior for the kidlets.

I was pleasantly surprised to talk with a representative who was very sympathetic to our situation. She put me on hold for a while and then came back and told us that we didn’t need to cancel our TV and that she could give us a better rate. Right now, we pay $30 for basic cable, but our representative was able to give us $20 off and then an extra $10 off as well. So now we basically get our TV for free! We only have to worry about paying for our internet.

I am so happy that I made the call. See, it really pays off to be a loyal customer! A nice relief. However, now I have to try and get through all my recordings on my PVR!! AH.

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