Nov 17

Fri '17

NaBloPoMo 2017: Day 17 – Not what I planned

I had a much longer (more exciting) post planned for today, but I never got around to writing it because Ezri, my sick little girl, has kept me busy tonight. Right now, we are at 2.5 hours after bedtime routine finished and she is still awake. She’s coughing like mad and her nose is running non-stop. She’s most comfortable when I’m sitting in the room with her so I’m stuck in the rocking chair. At least she’s in her bed right now and not in my arms. However, I don’t see much sleep in sight for her because she falls asleep and minutes later wakes up coughing like mad. I feel so bad for her because there’s not much I can do. She swallowed a tiny little bit of honey but won’t take any more. She’s had a bit of Advil too to try to ease the soreness of her throat. She’s absolutely miserable and I feel so helpless 🙁

I spent the later half of the day cleaning the house from top to bottom. We have relatives flying in tomorrow and they will be staying with us for a week. They have a little 18 month old, so I hope Ezri and Jadzia will have fun hanging out with them! Let’s hope it cheers Ezri up a bit too.

I’m going to leave it here for now. Hopefully I can get to writing my fun post for tomorrow!

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Nov 16

Thu '17

NaBloPoMo 2017: Day 16 – Sickness

Poor Ezri is still sick. Last week I mentioned she had a fever and she is still ill this week. Her fever lasted about 3.5 days and then it dissipated, which is great because I was headed to the clinic. Now she has a runny stuffy nose and a cough. She has so much phlegm that it’s causing her to gag. She’s thrown up a few times because of it.

Sick Ezri

Argh, my poor little muffin. I just want her to be healthy and back to her normal self. When she’s sick, her sleeping habits are so bad. We’ve been up with her every night for the past week just because she needs cuddles. And when she wakes up in the morning, she’s cranky and crying. Naps have been terrible as well. I want her to be happy and healthy again please and thank you. At least she wants to cuddle a lot and I’m not complaining about that because it sure doesn’t happen often anymore.

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Nov 15

Wed '17

NaBloPoMo 2017: Day 15 – Halfway there!

It’s November 15th and I am officially half way through NaBloPoMo! Whoot. I am having fun doing it so far. I think it may be because I am writing about daily life as opposed to deep philosophical topics or crazy things like that. I don’t need to do that and life is easy to ramble on about. I realize the topics that most often come up are about my kids, but let’s face it, my kids are my life.

I feel like my blogging mojo is back a little bit too! I feel like I’ll want to continue blogging on a somewhat regular basis after November is over. Let’s hope I can keep up with that promise. Even if it’s a minimal amount of words and a few pictures, I think that’s good enough. I don’t need to write a novel. Plus, my visitor count is practically non-existent, so it’s really just me I am writing for anyway.

Yay, so here’s to the last half of the month and my NaBloPoMo adventure 😀 And just for the heck of it, here are pictures I took of my babies today!

Ezri Jadzia


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