Dec 20

Sun '15

Well that sucks…

Something terrible happened. One of my favourite, most important, special friends almost left me forever on Friday. Was there one second and then all of a sudden gone the next, or so I thought. Of course I am talking about my good old iMac computer. I call her a friend because she is such a […]

Nov 2

Sun '14

NaBloPoMo 2014: Day 2 – New iPad!!

It was April when I finally admitted that I may want to buy a new iPad. I knew that the new iPads would be announced in October so I didn’t want to buy an iPad that had been previously released. I figured I could wait until the new ones were announced. Who knew what sort […]

Apr 25

Fri '14

New iPad?

So we are about mid year from when they announce the new iPads. For the past few months, I’ve considered buying a new iPad. I still love the iPad I have, but it is definitely starting to show it’s years. It’s an iPad 1 and it’s only getting worse with age. I shouldn’t complain because […]

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