Apr 6

Wed '16

Tired and busy

I’ve been so tired lately that I’ve been in bed before 8pm for the past little while. Or at least sleeping by 9PM. Sigh, what kind of life must I have eh?! With work, responsibilities and Ezri, I have a full plate in front of me. I am picking up some extra hours the next […]

Mar 26

Wed '14

Boring life

I had not meant to neglect my blog for almost two weeks, but it just kind of happened. Life has been so busy and so many things have taken up my time. I have been working quite a bit more than usual because we are very short at work. I can’t wait until I go […]

Jan 14

Mon '13

Meal Plan Mondays

This week is nothing exciting for meals. Just simple and easy. I plan on opening some of my cookbooks this week and possibly finding something more interesting for next. week. Monday – Dinner at a friend’s house Tuesday – Beef Chili for my dad’s birthday Wednesday – Garlic Scallops and Pasta Thursday – Sweet & […]

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