Jul 10

Tue '12

Quarter of a Century

Today is my 25th birthday. I have made it to a quarter of a century! I really do not feel this old. Not that I can really be considered old, it just seems like high school was yesterday. Time moves fast when you’re not paying attention. When I was younger, I don’t really remember where […]

May 24

Thu '12

Down in the dumps

I’ve been feeling down in the dumps recently and I know exactly why. I know that I sound like a broken record. I go on and on about my weight issues and I swear to change, but alas, it doesn’t happen. I keep asking myself how I kept myself so dedicated for the year and […]

May 20

Sun '12

Sliding In

It seems like those little sliders are making a move to be the star of the BBQ grill, at least this summer they are trying. In case you don’t know what a slider is, it’s basically a mini sandwich, usually a burger. My family decided to give them a try tonight. We had 4 different […]

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