Jul 31

Tue '12

Unwelcome Guests

While we were away camping, my Dad offered to top off my windshield wiper fluid. Sure, who am I to say no? He went off to do the task when I heard him calling me over. I thought, oh come on Dad, you know engines better than I do, you must know where to put […]

Jun 23

Sat '12

Car Smarts

My car is smart. There I said it and now let me explain why. Last week my tire pressure sensor light came on on my dashboard. I never gave it much thought as I had trouble with the sensor during the winter with my winter tires. I never really took it seriously. Also, it had […]

Mar 11

Sun '12

Feeling Comfortable

So I bought a new car in October and I have been driving it around trying to decide if I made a good choice in buying it. I can officially say that I am a happy buyer. I am really enjoying my Matrix. Although we have had a very mild winter here in Calgary, I […]

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