Feb 15

Sat '14

The Freebie List

Do you remember that episode on Friends where everyone made their freebie list of celebrities they were allowed to sleep with and it wouldn’t be considered cheating? It think it was from episode 3×05 – The One With Frank Jr. By the way, I love how Ross’ card is all laminated and everything. Some how […]

Apr 27

Sat '13

Comic Expo 2013

Peter and I had so much fun at Comic Expo last year that we decided to go again this year. We didn’t do anything very exciting like the panels, photo-ops or autographs, but we did spend some time looking around at the booths and celebrity watching. I had a very exciting experience as soon as […]

Feb 27

Mon '12


Yesterday were the Academy Awards. Like every year, Mom and I watched them together and ate Easter chocolate. Yum. The awards themselves were good, I guess. None of the movies that were nominated were ones that I absolutely loved. Sure, The Help was a beautiful movie and The Artist was unique and creative. I liked […]

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