Jul 25

Wed '12

Get over it already

Vomit. Puke. Barf. Throw up. Those are some words that scare the crap out of me. I suffer from Emetophobia, which is an extreme phobia of vomiting. I can’t say how long I have had this fear, but it’s been a long time. I haven’t thrown up in over 15 years and as more time […]

Dec 29

Thu '11

Dance Party

Peter and I have a really great Sushi place near our house and we love telling everyone we can about it. :yum: The only bad thing is that it is a take-out only restaurant. So, last night, we bought some sushi and headed over to a friend’s house. As we enjoyed our sushi, our friend’s […]

May 26

Tue '09

Kids are annoying

THIS POST HAS BEEN ARCHIVED FROM A PREVIOUS BLOGGING SYSTEM. I went to see Night At The Museum 2 today. It was quite good. I enjoyed it. You know those movies that you watch and you kind of just smile through out the whole movie :happy: That’s what kind of movie it was. I watched […]

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