Jan 4

Thu '18

Christmas 2017

We had a pretty uneventful Christmas this year (well last year, but you know what I mean), although it was still pretty exciting. This was the first year that Ezri actually knew what was going on. She knew who Santa was and what he does on Christmas eve and that if she was a good […]

Nov 13

Mon '17

NaBloPoMo 2017: Day 13 – A Bad Moms Christmas

Guess what?! This mama got to go out and have an adult night with a friend! We went to see A Bad Moms Christmas. It was really good. Very funny. It might have even been better than the first Bad Moms movie, which was quite enjoyable too. I needed a night out to laugh and […]

Dec 10

Thu '15

Our Christmas Tree

Peter and I decided to be wild and crazy this year and we purchased a full sized Christmas tree. We’ve always sported a small 2.5ft tree, but decided it was time to have a big one. We went the extra mile and spent money on one that has 40+ light options. It has 10 different […]

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