Jul 16

Tue '13

Craven Country Jamboree

I just got back from 4 days of camping on the plains of Regina, Saskatchewan for the Craven Country Music Jamboree. It was a fun weekend, but also something I never want to do again. NOTE: This post will be very long. (All photos from Craven can be seen here.) Friday started off terrible because […]

Jan 30

Wed '13


Peter and I have both come down with colds. We are using up all the kleenexes in our house. Our noses are raw and our sinuses are sore. Neocitrin has become our best friend right before bed. Ugh. The least I can say is thank goodness it’s not the flu. That would be 100x worse […]

Dec 16

Sun '12

Frozen Running

While my Uncle was in town last weekend, we managed to get 3 morning runs in. As I didn’t have to work right away on the day of the first run, we headed out at 7:30am. It wasn’t too cold and we only needed one jacket. We took it easy and only ran 6KM. On […]

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