Mar 1

Sun '15

Getting fancy in the kitchen

Ever since getting cable a couple weeks ago, I’ve basically been watching the food network non-stop. Maybe that’s why I’ve been hungry constantly for the past couple weeks LOL.  Anyway, I’ve also found that it has sparked my cooking interest. I’ve made quite a few new recipes in the past couple weeks. It’s a good […]

Jan 24

Sat '15

Wish I was there

Peter left early this morning for a business trip to Orlando. So far, I am dealing with it a bit better than last year. I know it’s because I have little Ezri with me to distract and keep me busy. Last year I worked every single day, but this year it is a different kind […]

Nov 26

Mon '12

Meal Plan Mondays

It is so nice to be doing a meal plan this week. I have missed them for the past two weeks. I really love cooking, and eating out for over 10 days made me realize just how much. I am so excited to try some new recipes in the next few weeks and get back […]

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