Feb 20

Thu '14

Addicted to theatre

Following my big announcement about heading to NYC in June, I can’t believe how much positive feedback I have received from people! Everyone is so nice in offering advice and comments on visiting the big city. I am honoured that some of my online friends even want to meet me! I sure hope we have […]

Sep 29

Sun '13

Watching lately

Oh it has been a busy month for watching TV shows. All of my summer shows have finished (or are ending tonight) and a lot of my fall/winter shows are starting their new seasons. I still have episodes from last season that I haven’t caught up on. I think my problem is that I try […]

Dec 31

Thu '09

Last post of the year

THIS POST HAS BEEN ARCHIVED FROM A PREVIOUS BLOGGING SYSTEM. Well, I thought that I better post one last time in 2009. I have been busy here at home. Well not really LOL :blush: I have been “busy” watching all four seasons of Dexter! What a freaking amazing show! It is so unique and captivating. […]

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