May 15

Wed '13

May Road Trip

My Mom and I are headed on a road trip tomorrow to Great Falls, MT. It’s kind of an impromptu trip. We recently just decided we would go and the time has come up on us quick. We are only taking off for a few days, but it should be fun. We were both sad […]

Nov 18

Sun '12

NaBloPoMo: Day 18 – Florida Vacation: Day 5

Peter and I went on an adventure today. We took a road trip to his parent’s house in Cape Coral, Florida. It was about a 3 hour drive from our hotel in Kissimmee. The drive was nice and it didn’t seem too long. We’re were getting tired about halfway through so instead of cross stitching […]

Mar 11

Sun '12

Feeling Comfortable

So I bought a new car in October and I have been driving it around trying to decide if I made a good choice in buying it. I can officially say that I am a happy buyer. I am really enjoying my Matrix. Although we have had a very mild winter here in Calgary, I […]

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