Jan 6

Tue '15

Goals for 2015

I’m a little late to the game to get this post up, but better late than never. I wasn’t really motivated to write any goals this year. I failed last year’s goals almost completely. The only exceptions were that I ate more leftovers and attempted to get into Doctor Who (watched all of season 1 […]

Mar 26

Wed '14

Boring life

I had not meant to neglect my blog for almost two weeks, but it just kind of happened. Life has been so busy and so many things have taken up my time. I have been working quite a bit more than usual because we are very short at work. I can’t wait until I go […]

Jan 1

Wed '14

Goals for 2014

Here I am again to make some new resolutions for the upcoming year, as I do every year. I have to admit that 4/5 goals were failures. :{ I don’t know what went wrong. I am usually very good at keeping commitments like these, but I just wasn’t feeling it this year. Anyway, here are […]

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