Nov 18

Sat '17

NaBloPoMo 2017: Day 18 – Disney On Ice

We went to Disney On Ice yesterday. It was a lot of fun. Despite Ezri being sick and pretty miserable for most of the day, she did enjoy the time we spent at the show. She loved seeing all her favourite characters skating around. She clapped a lot and waved at everyone she could. We […]

Aug 26

Mon '13

Browsing Netflix

After quite a few weeks of non-usage, I have been diving into Netflix a lot lately. I have been searching for some TV shows that are finished airing so that I can watch the whole series, episode after episode. There are SO many options on Netflix and I love it. The hard part is actually […]

Nov 18

Fri '11

Ripping Us Off

I really feel like the entertainment industry is ripping us off. Let me explain. I LOVE to watch movies. It doesn’t matter if I have seen the movie 1 or 100 times, I will watch them over and over. See what movies I’ve watched in 2011. I own many many many movies. They are in […]

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