Nov 7

Thu '13

NaBloPoMo 2013: Day 7 – Our week in Disney World

As I have already written about our first week in Florida, I figured it’s about time to conclude with week 2. Please go here to see the full album from our trip! After leaving Cape Coral, Peter and I drove our rental car up to Kissimmee. We drove straight to Downtown Disney to do a […]

Nov 20

Tue '12

NaBloPoMo: Day 20 – Florida Vacation: Day 7

Peter and I slept in this morning as we didn’t want to get up for opening at Epcot. Since we slept in so late, the continental breakfast was over and so we went to Perkins for breakfast. They had some delicious pumpkin spice pancakes which I had to try. They were really good and only […]

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