Jul 4

Thu '13

Mad at myself

I am very mad at myself. Yesterday I was trying to get dressed for a retirement party and none of my dresses were fitting properly. Yes, I managed to get them on, but they were hugging my body in all the wrong places. They were bunching around my belly and my hips and were definitely […]

Jan 2

Wed '13

Goals for 2013

I like to make resoutions at the beginning of each year. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t, but at least I try. Here is the list of goals from 2012, so let’s see how I did: Get back to my goal weight with Weight Watchers – Yeah, that. I fooled around a lot this year. […]

Sep 16

Sun '12

Running Again

I went for my first run in 29 days tonight and it was surprisingly very nice. You may or may not know that I am very hot and cold when it comes to running. Sometimes I love it and sometimes I absolutely loathe it. I am very fickle. :blank: Every time I see someone else […]

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