Jun 19

Thu '14

Baby update: It’s a….

….stubborn little baby with crossed legs. Seriously! I can’t believe that I am the 1 in 10 women whose baby decides to be difficult during the anatomy ultrasound. I guess our little dumping made our mind up for us. We had been unsure if we really wanted to know the sex before the baby was […]

Feb 24

Mon '14

No Clue

I was lucky enough to win tickets for an advance screening of No Clue. It is written by (and also stars) Brent Butt. To any fellow Canadians, that name might ring a bell. He was the quirky mind behind the Canadian comedy sitcom, Corner Gas. Definitely, he is one of the most brilliant, clever and […]

Jun 8

Fri '12

Blast From The Past

I know I am a little slow, but I have figured out how to add previous posts onto the blog without having them show up in my RSS feed. I’d like them to be on the website (to have a record of my blogging history), but I don’t want people to be bombarded with posts […]

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