Nov 7

Fri '14

NaBloPoMo 2014: Day 7 – Star Trek: The Next Generation

Peter and I finally finished watching Star Trek: The Original Series at the beginning of September. We’ve been watching it together for the last 3 years. I really really disliked it so we didn’t watch it very fast, obviously. I couldn’t stand the horrible over acting and boring storylines. Plus, tv episodes were so much […]

Nov 2

Sun '14

NaBloPoMo 2014: Day 2 – New iPad!!

It was April when I finally admitted that I may want to buy a new iPad. I knew that the new iPads would be announced in October so I didn’t want to buy an iPad that had been previously released. I figured I could wait until the new ones were announced. Who knew what sort […]

Sep 30

Tue '14

Another Comic Expo

On Saturday morning, Peter and I got up extra early and set out on a 3 hour road trip to Edmonton. We were on our way to the 2014 Edmonton Comic Expo. It was our second year driving up to Edmonton to visit the expo and to be honest, probably our last. It just wasn’t […]

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