Dec 26

Fri '14

Christmas 2014

Peter, Ezri and I had a pretty low key Christmas this year. It will probably be the last uneventful one we’ll ever have. Next year we’ll probably end up tying the tree to the wall and only decorating the top half. Lol. That or just put a baby gate around it. We’ll have to see […]

Dec 17

Tue '13

No Christmas here

I can’t believe that it is actually December 17th and I haven’t even watched one single Christmas movie. Usually, I spend all of December getting into the Christmas spirit by watching some of my favourite holiday movies. This year has been completely opposite of past years. I haven’t even listened to very many Christmas songs. […]

Dec 26

Wed '12

Merry Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas to everyone! I sure hope some nice time was spent with family and lots of good food was eaten. Peter and I had a wonderful Christmas. It was a quiet one and there was very little stress, which was awesome. On Christmas eve, we exchanged gifts with my family and my grandmother. We […]

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