Apr 10

Mon '17

Gluten free?

Ever since having babies, I haven’t really blogged about just “me.” Although, babies and kids are now my entire life, I thought I’d write a post about something that is going on with just me. Sadly, when going over different topics in my head, everything I could say seems like I will be complaining. Ah […]

Jun 5

Thu '14

A graduation and a wedding

In the middle of May, my Mom, Grandma and I whisked off to Cambridge, Ontario for some great celebrations. After many years of hard work, my cousin graduated from medical school. Then, a week after her grad, she got married! Two major life milestones within two weeks. We knew we couldn’t miss such great celebrations. […]

Jan 30

Wed '13


Peter and I have both come down with colds. We are using up all the kleenexes in our house. Our noses are raw and our sinuses are sore. Neocitrin has become our best friend right before bed. Ugh. The least I can say is thank goodness it’s not the flu. That would be 100x worse […]

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