Aug 29

Fri '14

Would you rather…

I saw this fun little post on Amanda Nicole’s site and I just had to do it. I was in that kind of mood, yah know!! WOULD YOU RATHER… …Watch Star Wars or Star Trek? Hands down that would be Star Trek! …Read on a Kindle or paperback book? Paperback book. However, I also like […]

Jan 28

Tue '14

Let’s go way back

I went on an adventure last night. It was a nostalgic adventure. I decided to type my old blog address into to see what it would come up with. For anyone who doesn’t know what does, at random dates it uses automated systems to “crawl” various websites all over the internet and it […]

Jun 1

Fri '12

Adult Puppetry

My mom and I went to see Avenue Q, funnily enough, at a local children’s theatre. It was a delightfully funny adult rated stage musical put on by actors who used puppetry to tell the story. It was definitely not a children’s show, despite being put on by the usual children’s company. There was a […]

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