Mar 8

Sun '15

Letter to Ezri: 4 months old

Dear baby girl Ezri, You’re getting so big! You are officially in the double digits for weight! You last weighed in at 10lb 2oz! You are now in size 1 diapers. You were in newborn diapers a lot longer than I had expected. I assumed 2-3 weeks at most, but you went 3.5 months!! Tiny […]

Feb 8

Sun '15

Letter to Ezri: 3 months old

Dear Ezri, You are the light of my life. Who knew there could be so much love in this world? You grow more and more each day. As much as I want you to grow and develop, I already miss the little newborn I held in my arms only 3 short months ago. I will […]

Jan 8

Thu '15

Letter to Ezri: 2 months old

Dear Ezri, I just can’t believe you’ve been in our lives for two months already! You are my whole world and I would never want to be without you. I don’t even want to go back to work and am seriously considering being a stay-at-home Mom. Financially, if it were ever an option, I would […]

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