Sep 23

Mon '13

Little things

It really is the little things in life that make us happy. Just small things that can keep us going throughout the day, week or even month. As you may or may not know, I work in a breakfast restaurant. This weekend, I met a little boy who made me smile all weekend. I brought […]

Nov 20

Sun '11

A Little Perspective

This morning I was concerned about when I would be able to work out today. Should I get up early and run in the cold? Should I go for a run after work? Since it’s no-fees day at the YMCA, should I go there instead after work? This was the biggest problem I had today. […]

Oct 19

Sun '08


THIS POST HAS BEEN ARCHIVED FROM A PREVIOUS BLOGGING SYSTEM. Wow, I do feel extremely guilty for not posting for over a month. But it isn’t just this site that I have been neglecting…it’s the whole world wide web. I have not been online except to check my emails. I suck. The way I have […]

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