Mar 10

Mon '14

It’s a constant struggle

This weight loss thing is hard. Seriously. It is a constant battle between wanting to be slim/healthy and wanting to eat delicious food and be lazy by avoiding the gym. It occurred to me that I have been carrying around my weight watchers weight loss records in my purse for over a year and haven’t […]

Aug 31

Fri '12

For real this time

I’ve blogged many times about how I want to lose the extra weight I have gained since reaching lifetime membership at Weight Watchers. Yes, I talk big plans, but then I head over to the McDonald’s drive-through. My mind hasn’t been in it 100%. This week, my Mom and I went to our first weight […]

Mar 5

Mon '12

Running on my mind

Saturday was the first day in months and months that I have actually felt like going for a run. That doesn’t mean that I actually took a step outside, but the thought did dwell on my mind. Ever since I committed to running a 30KM race with my uncle, I have despised running. Needless to […]

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