Oct 8

Thu '15

Letter to Ezri: 11 months old

Dear Ezri, My sweet, sweet baby girl, you’re already 11 months old! I can’t believe that I am currently planning your first birthday!! It’s crazy to think how fast the days are going by. Soon you will be reading these letters and thinking how much of a silly, sappy Mom I am. I just hope […]

Sep 8

Tue '15

Letter to Ezri: 10 months old

Dear Ezri, Wow, baby girl Ezri, you are double digits! 10 months! This has been a fantastic month! Standing and holding onto things is your favourite thing to do. It’s hard to put you down to a sitting position because you always want to keep your legs straight. You’ve even started standing without holding on […]

Aug 25

Tue '15

It’s that moment…

I had intended on writing a post about how well Ezri was doing at sleeping lately. She was falling asleep on her own without nursing or being rocked and she was doing it without crying. Peter and I were so proud. She was also sleeping for a 5+ hour stretch, then a 4+ hour stretch. […]

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