Nov 17

Sat '12

NaBloPoMo: Day 17 – Florida Vacation: Day 4

It was a night of little sleep last night. We were up until past 1am because of the Christmas party we attended at Magic Kingdom. However, the lack of sleep was worth it as we had great fun at the party. It was such a different experience touring the rides with a 4 year old […]

Oct 7

Sun '12

They have it in for us

I know that I have posted about this in the past. But I think it needs to be stated again. I have an obsession with Mcdonalds. I LOVE it. It is my favourite fast food place to eat. I could probably have it most nights of the week and not get sick of it. My […]

May 24

Thu '12

Down in the dumps

I’ve been feeling down in the dumps recently and I know exactly why. I know that I sound like a broken record. I go on and on about my weight issues and I swear to change, but alas, it doesn’t happen. I keep asking myself how I kept myself so dedicated for the year and […]

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